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Editor's choice, February 2

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FridayTechno1 - Comment
Minimal, techouse and electrohouse well suited for a sunny Stockholm at -10 degrees.
Dr. Berg says: Some mixtapes that has caught my attention, enjoy! First out is this one that turns everyday into a Friday (if you're into minimalistic-techno stuff anyway) "Best track you've heard today" - Comment is a music forum for underground house, techno and electro. A few years back a thread was created called "Best track you've heard today", where users were encouraged to list the best that they'd heard on the day. It's still running with
Dr. Berg says: A list built by community now presented as a mixtape. A good mix!
xo - Comment
Some good song from 2008
Dr. Berg says: A nice blend of songs from last year, that will follow me into this.
Sjukt Bra Skit - Comment
Dr. Berg says: A stylish Hip Hop / electro mixtape, some old favorites and some new.
Punk and New Wave Classics - Comment
Ljuva toner från mina tonår
Dr. Berg says: This New Wave-mixtape sure bring back some memories, for me anyway. Long time no see!

Editor's choice, January 24

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The Wolf Notes I - Comment
A bunch of songs of different genres and moods, all related to wolves in some way. Everything from vintage blues and modern americana to hip hop and classic chanson!
Dr. Berg says: Did you just say wolfs? I didn´t see this one coming!
My Name Is Pop, Power Pop! - Comment
Power pop from A to Z
Dr. Berg says: This has a more academic touch to it, good work!
The Decline and Fall of the Hipster - Comment
Lets dance to the beat of the electronic revolution
Dr. Berg says: What an excellent title, and mixtape!
Blue (blue-themed songs) - Comment
Dr. Berg says: Does music and color mix, seems like it!
Music for babies - Comment
Estoy haciendo una lista abierta en Spotify con música para bebés. Anotad papis ;)
Dr. Berg says: Maybe this will put my daughter to sleep, thanks!

Editor's choice, January 15

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Bowie-kronologi - Comment
De kompromisslöst bästa Bowielåtarna i kronologisk ordning. En från varje officiell skiva
Dr. Berg says: A song from every studio album serves a nice sampling of Bowie´s work.
09.01.14 - Comment
Dr. Berg says: You just gave me a whole bunch of new favorite electro/pop songs! Thanks.
A bunch bloody great songs - Comment
My first choice of the week...
Dr. Berg says: A nosebleed Rock'n'roll collection!
el grandes mixo latino! - Comment
Salsa & bolero favs!
Dr. Berg says: I´ll dance to this! Si, Si!
Top 10 of The Cure @ Spotify - Comment
The top 10 Cure songs @ Spotify. Play list order is: Original song release date -> Song number on record.
Dr. Berg says: What can I say, as a doctor, I just love The Cure.

Editor's choice, January 7

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Elektrisk gourm� - Comment
Skönt knaster, minimalt och dansant byggande.
Dr. Berg says: A sweet mix of minimalistic electronica that sweeps you away.
Zzzzzz Zzzzzzz - Comment
En trevlig blandning för en lugn kväll.
Dr. Berg says: This makes us sleepy in just the right way.
Halvobskyr Steely Dan - Comment
Nagra grymma SD-latar, inte de mest kanda men finfina. En fran varje skiva.
Dr. Berg says: A very nice introduction to Steely Dan. Put together by a true fan!
disco/boogie/soul-classics!! - Comment
Blandat 70-tal (o ev lite 80-tal) när det är som bäst!
Dr. Berg says: Turns the winter into a hot summer night.

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